Friday, September 25, 2015

Another pouch....

which has already been put to use. Not sure when I'll get tired of making pouches but that seems to be my main focus these days when it comes to stitching. This one is all blue and white and started out with an almost square, cotton, vintage doily edged in lace. It just grew from there and developed into this tall slim pouch which now holds all of my white and beige tatting and bobbin lace threads.

click on the images....

it measures 4½" wide x  12" tall

a ruffled cloth added between the edges to enlarge the diameter and separate the lace edges.

it stands up on its own.

a 4" steel ring is stitched into the base.

a 4½" jewelry wire ring is stitched into the top. a gingham lining.

a perfect fit for all my white and beige tatting and bobbin lace threads.

another view...chicken scratch on pocket

I've also been practicing the art of Armenian Lace which is a needle lace, after seeing this video on Facebook. I'm getting better at it and would like to incorporate the stitches in some of my embroidery work.

Armenian Needle Lace

There's been lots of inspiring work going on in Karen Ruane's Sampling For Stitch class. Here are a couple of my latest paper and stitch design sheets.

paper, stitch, fabric grid, gimp, stencil work, tile

watercolor bits, newsprint, stenciled letters

My bobbin lace tree is completed in terms of the lacing but I have not yet had the time to pull all the pins and form the trunk shape....hopefully next time.

Hoping you all have a great, creative weekend.


Els said...

Oh Deanna, it's lovely you found good use for your "Karen"pouch ! Just right for your bobbin stuff ;-)
Saw that Armenian needle lace video .... want to try it too ;-)

karen said...

this pouch gives me ''tummy flips'''s exquisite. As always Deanna you are putting everything into class, I am so grateful for that.

Rachel said...

That Armenian needle lace looks fascinating!

Nancy said...

Deanna~ you are really going somewhere with these pouches! So pretty and useful too! Love how made it stand up. The design sheets are so fun. There is just something about stencils that grabs me!

Jane said...

the pouch is so beautiful, you'll enjoy using it, I look forward to seeing more of the Algerian lace too

Stitching Lady said...

The weekend started fine reading your post. I love your pouch and the lace on it - wonderful lace on top and bottom - and the idea with a still ring - (new to me) just perfect. I will try to open the video on American lace - (it is not self-understood at MacDo's where I am)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Deanna. LUV that pouch--your work is exquisite on it.
best, nadia

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Brilliant idea to put the metal ring in the bottom for weight. I like that idea!

margaret said...

such a beautiful pouch for your supplies, would never of thought of using a ring but have now stored that info so I can use it sometime

FlashinScissors said...

I love your pouch, Deanna, and I wish I hadn't seen that video of Armenian Needle Lace as I can see that is something I really need/want to learn!

Lots here that I love and I can't wait to see the lace tree!

Barbara xx

neki desu said...

beautiful container of wonders.
the paper collages are my favorite

Jillayne said...

I love that pouch - I've never seen one you've made that I haven't loved - always creative, always different. I like your idea to use a ring in this one to keep it open - that is a fabulous idea. (We found a large one at work the other day that nobody seemed to know what to do with and I'm hoping it will still be there this weekend when I work again as I know just what to do with it now!
I'm also loving this latest class of Karen's - a little behind still as we were away but am hoping to spend some time on it this weekend... it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and our son is coming home so I'm not sure just how much I'll get to but it's amazing how the stitches add up, here and there.
I still haven't tackled the Armenian lace, but it is on the list for someday. Like you, I'm always keen to try new things - I wish we could visit over coffee and show and share - you're always inspiring me Deanna.

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