Saturday, November 28, 2015

and the winners are.....

...chosen with my eyes closed. I have emailed both Christine and Jane. Congratulations to them. Wish you all could have been winners.....maybe next time.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My latest interests....

We had a paper folding play day at Quilt Bee a couple of weeks ago and since then, nothing in my house is safe from becoming a little folder. They are so much fun to create and are nice to have in your purse to carry papers, lists, coupons, business cards, etc. They each have six pockets and I've added note paper to some of them.

If you would like to have one, leave a comment and I'll choose 2 names next Saturday and mail one out to each of the winners. Not sure yet which ones I'll mail out. I might even make some new ones.

The instructions for making them were in the Winter 2015 edition of Pages magazine put out by Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

click on the images for close-ups....

paper folding play

all different sizes depending on the paper size you start with.

I printed on watercolor paper, used maps, napkins and wrapping paper.

an iron on transfer on newsprint, napkins, album page and moire fabric with lace.

the magazine with the instructions

I've also been playing with the light that comes through my kitchen window during the afternoons at this time of year.

shadows on the kitchen table

playing with a small prism and the light from the window

There are more images on Instagram. click HERE if you're interested.
Wishing you all who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving. We have had our first really cold days this weekend and it feels good. Stay safe and enjoy whatever it is you are doing.
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