Monday, December 31, 2012

moment to moment...

2 days ago, my design wall just fell straight down to the floor. it's been hanging on the wall with the heavy sticky back tape for many years. i think i just had too many things pinned to it and it gave way. so now i'm trying to remove all the cloth pieces and find a place for them before i attempt to hang it back up on the wall. one of the heaviest pieces was my magic diaries cloth that i haven't worked on in a long time. i'm thinking that the back of this old chair might be a good place for it when it's finished with some solid colored pillows in front.

click on the images for close-ups.

magic diaries cloth not yet complete

i've also been emptying one of my scrap baskets just to see what is there. once it's half filled, i lose sight of what's on the bottom.

most of what was in the basket is now somewhat organized into color categories

still more scraps to play with

there were lots of good sized strips that i've started sewing together. i guess another coiled basket will be made with these.

some of you are already into the new year and some of us are just a few hours away......

my goal will be to continue trying to live in the moment

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what i've been working on...

my posts are getting farther and farther apart...aren't they. i am working on things but quietly and with much thought about lots of things. a few more baskets have been completed with what was left of the clothesline. this will be it for awhile. some have been gifted and were well received. the ones here were done with a zig-zag stitch on the machine.

click on the images for a close-up view.

made with whtite dotted swiss organdy fabric and a bit of lace

cotton fabric and both are about 5½" in diameter. the covers are attached to the base.

 i'm also taking a self-study watercolor class by Carla Sonheim. you can read about it here. the watercolor is done on t-shirt iron-on transfer paper and then manipulated and ironed onto paper or fabric. here are a couple of things i've done so far.

watercolors, ball point pen, water soluble markers ironed onto watercolor paper

painted t-shirt transfer cut up and parts ironed onto watercolor paper...the beginnings of a face

and a few posts back i showed how i was enlarging blouses that were a bit too small by adding fabric to the sides from the wrist edge to the hem bottom. well i have this very old sweater that i cannot part with. it was a bit too small after washing it in the machine so i'm knitting sections and adding them to the sides. i couldn't match the ecru color so i'm using a lace weight variegated yarn that matches the embroidered flowers. i tried it on last night and it will fit perfectly when finished. still have a bit to go and it needs blocking. the added pieces really don't show much at all when it's on the body.

knitted additions from the wrist to the hem bottom. still needs blocking.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Revise and Renew...

a white eyelet jacket has been hanging in my closet for a few years. i got it at a thrift store and it was just too white. i wrapped it around a tin can with some leaves and dropped it in the dye pot. the color is much better now. a couple of pockets and a bit more stitching and it will be wearable.

Click on the pics for a close-up view.

still working on fabric coiled baskets...this time with covers. pics on the next post.

have a great week.

Monday, December 3, 2012

watercolor books and finished baskets

i've been taking a watercolor class through for the past 4 weeks. i'm trying to get more comfortable using watercolors and this class helped teach me some new techniques. during the last lesson we were to take some of the pages we produced, make them into a book and we added bits and pieces of other pages on the inside. i did some stitching and stamping in my books as well.

Click on the images for a close-up view.

2 small books made from watercolor pages



other pieces inserted in book

i finished 3 of the fabric coiled baskets i was working on. 2 are made by hand and 1 by machine. i added some embellishments to all 3. they will be gifts.

basket made by hand with a cloth fabric insert

basket made by hand with ceramic turtles stitched on the inside

basket made by machine with ceramic bead stitched in the center

wishing you all a good week.
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