Saturday, March 23, 2013

mostly white this week...

Jude has been Whispering White in her latest What If workshop and that fit right in with the lace work i'm doing in Karen Ruane's Alchemy class. so not too many words just a few pics.
click on the images for close-ups.

cheese cloth, cording and free motion embroidery

a piece of lace, cheese cloth and free motion embroidery
 some more white on white work.

a new cell phone case from a thrift store table runner
the drought we've been having for the past 2 years is showing itself lately with limbs and trees just breaking off and falling to the ground. it's taking me lots of time to trim this up so i can put it out for recycling. hope this is it for awhile.

this youpon just broke in half. hope the rest of the tree survives and puts out new shoots.
more next time. have a great week.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

just a bit of stitching this week...

trying to finish up this and that to eliminate some of the clutter in every room.
this will be the last pouch with bobbin lace for a while. it's a small one lined in silk. it just needs a closure...maybe a bead or a button...and then it will be gifted.

embellished with bobbin lace...measures 5" x 5½"

lined in pure silk

getting toward the end of Karen Ruane's Alchemy class and my ledger isn't anywhere near finished. i'm determined to continue working on it to completion. i did a piece of embroidery this week that i thought would be included but it's turning out to be a piece that will stand on its own...i think.

the embroidery is finished but it will sit within an embellished piece of acrylic paper that will be hole punched and stitched.  embroidered section measures about 7" x 8".
we've been having temperatures ranging from the 40s in the morning to the mid 80s in the afternoon and it's only March. looks like it will be another one of those very hot summers with very little rain. need to get all those seeds planted. have a good week.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

the piano is finished...

now to create a setting for it in my journal....
click on the images for a close-up view.

a stitching done based on an abstract drawing i did many years ago

 my bobbin lace pear with a weaving now has a place on another pouch.

stitched on brown velveteen

and a cotton lining

stitching on watercolor paper...

3 shades of pink floche thread
and a great find at the thrift store. it had several stains but i've been able to get all but one out. will have to work a bit harder on that last one. this will make a great light throw. it measures 52" x 64".

we've had some rain here for the past couple of days and spring is on its way. i'm anxious to plant some seeds and flowers.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


i have so many projects in progress that it's sometimes hard to choose which one to work on. this week i decided i had to finish making the pouch with my bobbin lace piece. it's tall and slim so will be good for knitting projects.
click on the images for close ups.

lush purple velvet with a green upholstery lining
close up view

more journal work is happening every day. i need to start working on completing pages now as there are lots of bits and pieces of things all over the place.

working on thick acrylic paper

the old style telephone

and a wonderful surprise from Nat...some hand dyed thread and a beautiful bag embellished with indigo dyed color catcher sheets. check out her blog. it's always chock full of gorgeous and interesting info.

hand dyed bag and thread from Nat. even the wrapping paper is beautiful.
wishing you all a creative week.
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