Sunday, October 28, 2012

some more dyeing results

well, i couldn't wait longer than 3 days. it was completely dry so i figured it was ok to unbundle.
click on the image for a close-up view.

it's this batch that i started with:

spotting created by starting with a braid. seams and stitching were left intact.

stitching removed from seams after dyeing...looks like stitching is still there.

the sheer embroidered cotton cloth dyes well without a mordant.

some interesting sections to work with. i like that orb in the upper left corner.

eucalyptus pods given to me by a friend. i will try to germinate the seeds.

need to get back to my lace knitting. just received some new lace needles that i really like. more on that next time.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

back to dyeing

there are so many leaves around that i couldn't resist a bit of dyeing this week. click on image for close-ups.

a ready made mask...some thought it looked like an owl

i like that just the leaf outline was picked up

i put some scrim between the fabric bundle. the scrim picks up the color so well.

these will take a while to be completely dry. i'm trying to be patient.

and the beginnings of an experiment with bits of cloth and lace stitched to used color catcher sheets...more on this sometime soon.

stitched bits on used color catcher sheets.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

more korak and a variety of lace

i was so taken with the Korak Patchwork technique that i did a small piece in pink and white cotton. it will probably wind up being another small pouch. click on the images for close-ups.

Korak in pink and white cotton and lace
i'm learning how to knit a lace shawl through quite a different feel than the knitting i've done in the past and doesn't look like much yet but it will hopefully be a beautiful shawl when blocked and finished (that's what the teacher tells us).

a lace weight yarn on a circular needle...adding stitches as it grows
i've also been experimenting with free motion quilting on a purchased linen weave shawl using the techniques learned in Karen Ruane's classes.

free motion quilting on a linen weave shawl with added lace and embroidery
and lastly...i just couldn't resist 2 new books.

over 100 beautiful motifs to play with

this was one of my favorite motifs
beautiful filet lace done with a netted cloth and needle and thread

love this particular pattern
you can read more about these books on, if you're interested. here are the links:
the crochet book is quite reasonably priced but lace books are always a bit pricey.
wishing you all a pleasant, productive week.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Korak Patchwork

Korak is an ancient Asian patchwork technique. i purchased a book on creating this type patchwork a couple of years ago but never tried it. the book is someplace in this house but i have been unable to find it. Eva Nerling posted a tutorial for korak just the other day so i decided the time had come for me to try it. i used some of my hand dyed silk pieces. the thinner the fabric the easier it is to stitch because you will be stitching through several layers. here are some images so you can see the process, but be sure to go to Eva's tutorial where she explains it so well. click on the images for a closer view.

1. shows squares folded into triangles and placed on a base cloth. 2. the center panel is hand stitched down to the base and a square and more triangles are added to the sides. the folded edge of the triangles cover the raw edges of others.

strips are added between the sections to cover the raw edges

I added 2 borders with some prairie points stuck in (not korak)

the finished piece measure 12" x 12". I'm going to applique it to this brown pillow. 
you can find more about korak patchwork here on google. be sure to check Eva's blog if you want to try it. she uses some beautiful bright fabric for her patchwork and lots of different designs can be created.
hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

trying to do it all...

i have not posted here in a while. i've been busy stitching, spinning, knitting, crocheting and trying out some new things. it actually feels good working on so many things at once that i know will get finished. my mood dictates what i pick up to work on. i have to force myself to stop and clean house and straighten up lately because i'm so involved.  and here are some on the images for close-up views.

some of my silk hand dyed pieces are finally being stitched into a small throw. it measures 40" x 40". more on this piece as i start to stitch.
another thrift store blouse that was too small got the side strip treatment that i talked about in my last post and is now wearable.
stitching scraps together, one day, wound up as a pocket on a fun shirt i wear around the house on chilly days.
punching holes in cloth and stitching eyelets (as a result of Jude's post in the diaries class). in the background is silk and cotton flannel dyed with RIT dye.

a little pouch 6" x 6" with a needle book stitched to the outside. eyelets stitched on the zipper as well with a crocheted edge. this will be great for carrying scraps to stitch when on the go with pins and needles very handy.
inside of needle book.
i was happy to hear that some of you benefited from watching the video i posted last time. sometimes we can help ourselves by just changing our way of thinking. the full version is no longer available but half of it is available here. this was originally posted by Jude on facebook.
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