Friday, January 30, 2015

I really am trying....

to finish my Downton Abbey coat. I have spent the last couple of days stitching the side seams and the sleeve seams using the mattress stitch which gives such a nice clean finish. You can hardly find the seam on the right hand side....but it's slow going. It takes time but it's worth it. I still need to set in the sleeves, and do a few rows of knitting around the neck edge before I can attach the collar. My plan is to have it finished by my next blog post. I did try it on and it actually fits well.

click on the images....

so close to finishing...not the true color here....too much light

Hope to get someone to take a picture of me wearing the coat when it's finished. It's a much deeper color as you know from previous posts. Just couldn't get the right lighting today.

I've done a bit more collage and doodle work inspired by Lisa Congdon's class on

cut up business cards and flyers, micron pen, black stitched french knots

The doll is finished and both dolls are now on their way to two sweet little girls. Hope they will enjoy them. They were such fun to make.

A while back I purchased several bags of Bucilla Needlepoint & Crewel Wool packets from the thrift store. I couldn't imagine why anyone would give such beautiful yarn away.....well when I started unraveling it, i understood. The moths had gotten to it but not all the packets were damaged so I've been unraveling and separating the 3 ply to one ply balls. I plan on crocheting small star shaped motifs and joining them together for a shawl or maybe a blanket. It will be a good 'take along' project to have in my many pretty colors. I did make one motif but I need to try it with a larger crochet hook so the pattern will show up better.

100% wool in beautiful colors

Lots of other things going on but I will save them for next time.
Have a great weekend and stay safe if you are in the midst of snow and bad weather.

Friday, January 16, 2015

there has been improvement....

I've been practicing every day and I am becoming more comfortable with that tambour hook. I worked up this design on cloth with a variegated #20 thread and the cloth didn't fight me as much this time round.

click on the images....

I've ordered a larger hook....I think it will be larger....It's hard to tell by the numbers. I really enjoy working with the thicker threads.

Still working on the doll I showed you last time. She's turning out to be about 20" tall. Just finished her dress which needs to be blocked. Hopefully, it will be completed by my next post so I can mail it off.

I started doing a bit of collage work in a book I was about to put in the giveaway pile. It's about 2" thick and gluing or stitching some pages together makes it a great medium for paint or collage work. Need to make a cover for it.

collage work with paper, micron pen, paint pens and stencils.

....and I did pull this wrapping cloth out this morning. I worked on it in Karen Ruane's wrapping cloth class and it is so close to being finished so maybe if it's staring me in the face I'll actually finish it.

It's warmed up a bit. We start out in the 30s (F) in the morning but it gets close to 60 by afternoon and the sun is finally shining again. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

back to a normal routine....

I have caught up with lots of things during this, somewhat free, time in December and the beginning of the new year. My one great accomplishment was learning tambour embroidery. I will show you my progress but I'm also heavy into knitting projects....even though the Downton Abbey coat is not yet finished. Another doll is in the making....

click on the images...

she will be about 18" tall and her dress will be white with a lacy edge...

A lace friend was wearing a sweater I admired so I decided it would be my next project. I will not start it until the coat is finished....but I am anxious to get it started.

the yarn is wool and bamboo and the color is Jasper...

....and some images on my tambour work. I have ordered more hooks to do some more experimenting. I like working with the thicker threads but the biggest hook I have is not big enough. I don't think tambour work is meant to be done with thicker threads but I will attempt it nevertheless.

some tambour beading in a tic-tac-toe pattern

working with sequins....they need to be closer together....more practice needed

and am attempting a real design with a variegated thread

It is still too cold here for me but there is a promise of warmer days this week.
Wishing you all a good week.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

practice, practice, practice....

...that's what it takes to learn tambour embroidery. I've been practicing the chain stitch all week and then tried working with some beads. It is becoming more comfortable to handle the hook and thread. The next task is working with sequins....those slippery things that tend to stick together. It would be a bit easier if you could see what you are doing but the sequins/beads are worked from underneath the cloth so it's done by feel. The back of the cloth is the right side when working with the beads or sequins so if you want the chain stitch and the beads to be on the right side, you have to reverse the cloth when doing the beadwork. I don't imagine I'll be doing lots with the sequins but I still want to learn the process.

click on the images...

the tools

just practicing

trying to work with a pattern....a bit messy....still need more practice

I did finish the doll I showed you last time. I decided not to stuff it.

made with cotton yarn

That's about all I did this week. We've been having some cold, wet trying to stay warm. I know it's a lot colder elsewhere so I will not complain about the cold. Wishing you all a magical New Year.
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