Saturday, July 27, 2013

a needle stash...

i wonder how many of you have a needle stash. if i were more organized, i probably would not have purchased so many needles...when i can't find what i'm looking for, i wind up buying some. i do have a needle book that i made many years ago, so out it came this morning and my needles and needle threaders will be properly filed. each section has a plastic envelope to hold packages and a piece of felt for loose needles. i really was organized back when i was working and didn't have lots of free time.

click on the images for close-ups.

the cushion for the stool i showed you last week is finished. i padded it with 2 layers of a thick cotton blanket i had found at the thrift store many years ago. i knew it would come in handy some day.  the backing is a just a plain white cotton.

there's piping around the edges

close up of the back

thick cotton soft

don't think i posted this pic of some more free motion embroidery i did with cheesecloth, bits of cloth and lace and bits of left over cheesecloth. this will get some hand embroidery eventually.

2 views with and without the light coming through
i woke up in the middle of the night to a very welcome thunderstorm so we have been lucky to get a bit more rain. the temperature is still in the high 90s but we're already almost half way through summer.
wishing you all a good week. see you next time.

UPDATE:  adding a picture of the inside of the needle book since it has been requested...


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Simply Stitching...

did lots more stitching this week as there is continued inspiration coming from Karen Ruane and the Simply Stitch group. i'm continuing to add embellishments to the cloth i'm working on...


free motion stitching stitched onto base and embellished with lots of embroidery

interlocking wrapped bars and prairie points

the center of the cloth with piping around the edge. measures 20" x 20" so far.

a special friend gifted me some cloth that i just love. i've saved a piece of it to use in my journal but i'm making a stool pad and back pillow with the rest. made lots of piping this morning with some cow fabric i had in my stash.

need to find some backing fabric so i can stitch this up

a very old stool that always comes in handy when working at my cutting table. can't wait to dress it up with the pad and back pillow.
we actually got some rain this week and my rain gauge showed 2". the grass is loving it. the temperatures are still in the high 90s so it's very hot and not a time to be spending outdoors. hope the weather is tolerable where you are and that you are enjoying the weekend.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

stitching and playing a bit with PE...

it's been very hot and draining this week. i did do a bit more stitching and experimenting with several things.


some free motion stitching on cheesecloth and bits of fabric

a string of cross stitched hearts

i love taking an image and using the filters in Photoshop Elements to change it. this is a lily flower that was in a vase on my kitchen table.

i might attempt doing these with paints someday.

it was 105° yesterday. the early morning hours are so pleasant in the backyard when the sun is first showing its face. i was out early today since it is my watering day.

wishing you all a good week.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

has it really been one week....

seems like this week just whizzed by. almost 2 whole days were spent clearing out my bookshelves of old books that will be given away...probably donated to the library.
such a good feeling to know that new books coming in will have a spot on the shelf
some more shift work on this cloth to create gears. it's just tacked in place ready for some more bullion knots to form the sprockets. i do love sitting and doing that stitch. it's very meditative. something to do in front of the tv.

this cloth is moving along but not really sure what i'll do next.

remember that mango from a few weeks ago....that shell that looked like a boat. it's here. i just couldn't resist doing something with it, so it's now a little basket. covered it with some free motion stitching i did on cheesecloth, added a handle and filled it with 2 funky puffs.

it measures 3"x2". it might make a good gift tag.

i did work on the white cloth and a pretty long piece is ready to be attached to the large piece with the toile fabric.

added cross stitch, ric-rac, spider web roses and french knots.

must try to find the time to start putting these granny squares together. i really don't know how many more i need.

for a small blanket that will be gifted

we reach close to 100 degrees every day and there hasn't been any rain. hoping for some tomorrow, if the weatherman is correct. have a good week.
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