Sunday, April 28, 2013

funky puffs, toile and some interesting videos

i've always loved toile fabric. i found some pink, cotton toile this week and used it in making some puffs...taught by Karen Ruane. i did soak some of the pink toile in a bleach bath for a while to lighten it up a bit.   CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR CLOSE-UPS.

the theme of this toile was children's nursery rhymes
not much else going on this week as far as stitching. i've been watching some TED videos while stitching these puffs and thought i'd share some of them with you. i learn so much from some of these videos and they also expand my way of thinking and seeing things. these 3 are all very short. hope you enjoy them.

on the first video, David Pogue talks about some real cool short cuts you can use on your computer, smartphone, and camera. it's just 5 minutes long and you can find it here.

the second video talks about the power of the written word and spoken language. it is about 3 minutes long and is here.

and finally, the third one drew me in with the question..."what color is a mirror?". Michael Stevens spends his day asking quirky questions. the video is about 7 minutes long and is here.

wishing you all a week of creative thought and activity.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

all about white...

in organization mode here but only with things white...i've always loved white and have lots of bits and pieces of things that needed some organization and deconstructing. in the past couple of years i have been very influenced by Karen Ruane's stitching. she works almost exclusively in white. she posted a ruffle/flounce can see it here...that sent me rummaging through my stash. i found one that is from an old wedding dress gifted to me by a friend. it was not in great condition and needed some mending. i think i will be able to use it for what i have planned.

click on the images for close-ups.

white trim

white cloth and old garments that need deconstructing

mending a white ruffle...will add some tatting to the band
 i also did some crocheting in white over some lace made with cheesecloth and free motion embroidery.

the crochet was done on a white cording that was incorporated into the lace
and finally...even my bobbin lace is being done in white as i hope to include it in a white cloth and lace piece sometime in the future. bobbin lace is a very slow craft for me as i usually only work on it when i am in lace class on Tuesdays.

bobbin lace in white 30 weight cotton thread

our weather here in Austin, TX has been unusual for this time of year but very pleasant. we have even gotten some rain which is desperately needed. the flowers are blooming and there is green everywhere. there was a very interesting segment on CBS Sunday Morning today called 'Flower Power'. it's only 6 minutes long and i think you will find it interesting. even flowers have the sense of sight and touch. the video is here.  have a good week and stay safe.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

spinning in many directions...

you might remember the wool i was unraveling back here in February. well, i've finally started spinning it. my goal is to spin one ball every night so that i can ply it and actually make something with it. it felt good to be spinning again.
click on the images for a close-up view.

have no idea how much i'll wind up with after plying
still working with white over at Judes What If Workshop so i played a bit with a white cotton rag that Home Depot sells in small bundles. loved making the eyelets. i now want to make eyelets in every piece of fabric i pick up. after manipulation, the cloth wound up to be a diamond shape and just hangs on my design wall.

stitched false seams on front and back with lace and cording

love the cording extensions

and still doing embroidery with lace in continuation of my Alchemy Journal. this piece will be a header for a page with old memories. i had lots of trouble photographing this as it is see through and the layers of ribbon have a metallic quality.

cross stitch, free motion embroidery, hand embroidery

this piece measures 8½" x 3½"

the weather is getting warmer each day so summer is on its way. we never have much of a spring but we do have mild winters. i have to get out there and do some planting but i can't seem to pull myself away from all my indoor projects. wishing you all a productive week.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

finally got back here...

i've been busy these past 2 weeks but didn't have much to show you. we are playing with 'white' over at Jude's What If forum so i did some experimenting. click on images for a better view.

with a prism...

playing with the light coming through the kitchen window

love the curved rainbow up above

turned a dyed piece into black and white and printed it on cotton cloth...

cut out the center and added some white lace. planned on stitching on this but the cotton was too tough for the needle so i gave up on that.

 here is the actual dyed piece that will become the top part of a hassock/stool i am covering.

not too much stitching ...maybe just a little bit more needed around the center circle.

and there has been some knitting happening as well.

a pinwheel purse with some sewing equipment within to carry for emergencies. i made 8 of these for my quilting friends.
the pinwheel purse opens up origami style and the pattern is here on Ravelry, if you want to try it.

and i also started knitting a purse that will be felted when finished...

this yarn is a wonderfully soft wool

i was thinking this week how lucky i am to be doing exactly what i love doing every day. it took some planning through the years to get here but it was so well worth some of the struggles. wishing the same for all of you.

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