Sunday, July 29, 2012

moving along...

i have finished 2 hats using circular needles and next i will tackle socks with the help of the class i signed up for on i am quite comfortable using the circular needle now and think i can move along on my own.

just finished the white Rosie hat and it has just been blocked

i've done some more work on my ledger pages...

cloth, photoshopped images, watercolors, inktense pencils

stitching on watercolor paper and embroidered centers

playing with a bit of color over the stitching

and this started out as a ledger page but will be expanded into a cloth using some of my hand dyed and shibori cloth

Karen Ruane's 'An Embroiderer's Ledger' class has ended but she plans on offering it again sometime soon. I highly recommend it for lots of new inspirational ideas. Karen has also moved her blog over to typepad. So check out her new blog here and you can read all about her online classes, read her latest newsletter, check her shop and lots of other interesting things.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the winner has been notified...

Rhissana is the winner of the Knook and has been e-mailed. As soon as she sends me her address, i will put the Knook in the mail. thanks to those who participated. watch for future blog giveaways.

the winner

Sunday, July 22, 2012

and back to some stitching...

still cutting up the blue and white dress and using the cloth in other projects. this second project is a bag made from some cotton cow fabric ( i was into cows lots of years back), an old, faded flannel shirt and the blue and white cloth. i used the plackets of the flannel shirt for the top closure (an idea from Jude Hill) and for the inner layer of the bag to give it more body. the strips of seams cut from the shirt were stitched together and made a perfect handle. the fat seams gave it some added body. the shirt pocket is on the inside of the bag, as well as a bit of lace to slip in a note or card...this was a fun project. click on the images for close-ups.

flannel stitched in between the outside and the lining to give the bag body.

a flannel pocket and a pocket made from a bit of lace

the front

the back

a bit of weaving and stitch as embellishment

just the collar and sleeves remain of the flannel shirt
loved using what i had on hand to construct this bag. wonder what i can make with the collar and sleeves...

Saturday, July 21, 2012


some of you might have heard of the KNOOK...not the Nook that is an e-reader but the KNOOK with a K that is a way to get the look of knitting with a crochet hook. i ordered it a while back but couldn't get into it...probably because i already know how to knit and would rather just use knitting needles. in any case, if you think you would make use of this, just leave a comment on this post and i will randomly pick a winner on Wednesday, July 25th.

this is a beginner set to be used with medium weight yarn and there are free videos online to teach you how to do this as well as a booklet in the kit. here is a link to the videos so you can get an idea of it and decide if you would like to try it. i have no affiliation with this company.

the Knook---beginner kit

Sunday, July 15, 2012

knit 3, purl 3....and some more ledger pages

finally finished my first hat using a circular needle. i'm feeling more comfortable with the circular needle and have started a second hat that is a bit more step at a time.
click on any of the images for a close-up view.

periwinkle first hat

on to hat #2 with cables

moving along in karen's embroidered ledger class and learning lots of new techniques. here are a few of my new pages:

adding embellishment to a page

and some tissue paper overlay pages:

tissue paper and lace
pattern tissue paper with embellishment and close-up
love using black and white

AND...some of you are familiar with Alabama Chanin and their beautiful clothing. here's an interesting blog post by Rayela Art about a new Alabama Chanin book and a short video.'s a post by Purl Bee on an Alabama Chanin market bag kit.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

thinking ouside the box...

i always try to be thinking outside the box, but Karen Ruane's Ledger class has really encouraged me to do that even more. it took me a while to get into this but i'm really enjoying working on these pages and i can see so many possibilities developing for moving forward in my stitching. here are a few more ledger pages i've been working on. click on the images for a close-up view.

stitchery added on the right of this page i posted last week. this was a thrift store find linen hanky. i did some free motion stitching and then appliqued circles of the embroidery over the stitching.

this started out with the paisley shaped image from a Dover design book from the 1960s. i pulled some elements from the design and created open circles backed with scrim, leaving parts of the cut out area intact.

this page started out with a sashiko design on paper and eventually was stitched on cloth.

close-up of the sashiko stitched design

the paper design is tacked onto the back of the stitching.
it's hard leaving my familiar comfort zone and venturing out of the box but it sure is fun seeing things and combinations of things in a new light and being inspired to create something different. it's the only way to really move forward. i found this article had some interesting hints for thinking out of the box. check it out and let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

some things that need recording...

i have been enjoying Karen Ruane's latest class, An Embroiderer's Ledger. journaling is something i've done on and off through my life but i really never stick with it. i'd much rather be stitching or dyeing or doing some other kind of needlework. i'm learning new ways of analyzing images and bringing them forward into stitch.

my first ledger pages

trying to find time for lots of other things as well:

making my first hat to learn to use circular and double pointed needles

adding beads and weaving to a bobbin lace piece in progress

a bit of eco-dyeing on silk velvet and scrim

some more eco-dyeing on different types of silk
so my time is filled with wonderful projects. hope you are enjoying your time as well.
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