Saturday, October 24, 2015

it's been awhile.....

since I posted but I have been stitching, lacing, crocheting, knitting and doing a whole lot of experimenting. I've been creating a lot of small scraps and hate to throw anything away so I've started a scrap scroll that is attached to a wooden spool. I'll have a scrap scroll library someday as I have quite a few wooden spools to fill.

click on the images for closer views....

scrap scroll on a wooden spool

The triangular shawl I was making for my knitted coat is finished so I'm ready for winter, if it ever arrives.

crocheted triangular shawl....goes over my head like a cowl

The bobbin lace tree is finally finished. The finishing was a nightmare...trying to manage all those hanging threads with knots in them. I did think I would be able to hide the knots but didn't do a great job of that. I finally gave up and tacked it all down after spending hours trying to make neat braids. Not a perfect ending but I am pleased with it nevertheless. It is in a glass shadow box frame.

this is what it looked like before braiding

after auditioning lots of backgrounds, I decided on this green wool felt. The color is much more vibrant in person.

....And I've been having lots of fun making all kinds of paper and fabric samples in Karen Ruane's class Sampling for Stitch.

an accidental happening ... letter over fabric and doodled circles

There are more images of what I've been up to over on Instagram. So hop on over there if you're interested to see them.

Have a great weekend and see you again sometime soon.
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