Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weaving on an open frame...

More experimenting with weaving after watching Jude's video in class. I was not real happy with my first try because the light color cloth just frayed too much and not in a good way. So I ironed down the raw edges and twisted it after securing it to the frame. This one will not be reversible as the raw edges are on the back and that is ok. Jude pointed out that I could just use one long strip to weave so that is what I'm doing. Just experimenting for now so have no plans for this piece. Click on the photos for a close-up.

first try-took this apart and started over

ironed down edges--no more fraying

had to pin down first row to keep twist in place

weaving with a long piece and wrapping at the edge to start the next row


Karen said...

I really like that you are experimenting as in finding the cloth frayed then ironing down your edges...I actually like the fraying but appreciate not everyone would...

Anonymous said...

Wow! i just watched the linen video and am
wonderfully amazed. had no idea of the
growing process or the making of linen.
listening to the french lanugage adds romance to the beauty of flax.
I will watch it again!
And your frame weaving is genius!

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