Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eaglet Rescue Pictures in Norfolk, Virginia

You should read my last post to know what these pictures are all about.
The rescue went well and was fascinating to watch. Here are some pictures I captured.

Julian Finch, tree climber going up to the nest

Julian setting up the cables for the rescue

First eaglet in bag and lowered to the ground

Second eaglet lowered to the ground

Took some extra climbing and stretching to get the third eaglet

empty nest and street view

All eaglets safe in cages and on their way to the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro, VA.

The dad  was in view while this was going on but did not go to the nest. It was said that this dad was the second mate to this eagle mom. The first dad was hit by a plane in 2002. The eaglets will be taken care of with minimal human contact and then released to the wild.

about 3 hours later: the dad returned to the nest with fish. just stood and looked around for about 20 minutes. appeared to try to figure it all out. he did eat from the fish.

some facts:  eagles live for 20-25 years. momma eagle was 15 years old. dad is said to be about 13.


Gracie said...

Gulp. Thanks for the update Deanna. This has been an overwhelming story, really- for example, one day I logged on to the camera and something like 100,000 people were watching at the same time. It made me think about how precious, or maybe useful, our collective attention can be, if that makes sense. And I wouldn't have known about it except for you! Thank you.

deanna7trees said...

yes Gracie, overwhelming and heart wrenching. and i do believe that our collective attention is useful. these 3 eaglets probably would not have survived without it.

Notjustnat said...

Hey Deanna, I'm back! It had been a week of joy for me with my G-kids. I'm back and tired :( - Hugs Nat

Storycloth said...

Thanks Deanna - we followed a nest like this at a local nature reserve that was very rarely frequented by people. We went each week with a spotting scope and (tried to be discrete) set up and watched the eaglets grow up. You know I think the parents grew quite relaxed with us - barely a glance our way after the first couple of weeks. I will never forget the experience. I have viewed the webcam from your post a few times. It is just great. Very sad about the mother you have mentioned. Gilly

woman with wings said...

Deanna, this just makes me want to weep, both sad and relieved. Thank you for putting both eagle families up on your blog -- I wouldn't have even known if not for you.

T said...

pretty detailed rescue, they must know this work well...


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