Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simply Quilters Bee Meeting

Rick-Rack in Czech Lace from early 1900s
Retractable Tape Measures for Boutique (fronts)


Rick-Rack made from used color catcher sheets and fabric

Anita admiring her rick-rack

Diane ironing the folds on her fabric rick-rack

We've all been covering tape measures for the upcoming Guild Show in the Fall of this year. They will be sold in the boutique to raise money for the guild. I loved them so much that I made one for myself. We just bought the .99 retractable tape measures and covered them with wool, felt or fabric after decorating the pieces with embellishments. The picture shows what we have made so far.

I taught the ladies who came to bee this morning how to make rick-rack. When I visited the Czech Lace Museum last week I saw some lace from the early 1900s that had rick-rack made from white cotton fabric. As soon as I saw that, I knew I could replicate it. It just involves a strip of fabric and 2 simple folds. We started out with used color catcher sheets cut into strips and then used fabric backed with a fusible web. Easy, fun and so many ideas for projects where they could be used.

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