Sunday, February 14, 2010


Found these 'beads' at the thriftstore and found the color very stimulating. The color inspired a bunch of ideas for art pieces. After I got home and opened the package, I realized that these were not beads at all but a kind of gravel for an aquarium. So now I will have to think of some creative way to use them because I love the color.
We've been having an interesting discussion on one of my yahoo groups about the meaning of inspiration. To me, inspiration is a very positive force. It is like 'a fire in the belly' or a 'lightbulb moment'. It's what makes me live life to the fullest and not just drag on day by day. It is SEEING something and not just LOOKING at it. It is what makes me get up in the morning with the drive to get on with the day. Even though we are all inspired by different things, I think inspiration is what makes us love life.

I'd love to hear what inspiration means to you and maybe we can inspire each other to see things from a new perspective.


vintagerockchick said...

It's what makes your heart smile!

Anonymous said...

Put the pretty rocks in a jar (I need a lid so it doesn't get spilled) or a vase and put it where you can see it regularly.

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