Friday, February 4, 2011

A wonderful video on the production of Linen

Hope you enjoy this 15 minute video on Linen which is my favorite cloth. I also enjoy listening to it in French even though I don't speak the language. Such a beautiful sound. There are English subtitles.

I'm also posting an updated picture of my frame weaving. I've put it on a backing cloth which is the same as the cloth in the weave but it was dyed with onion shells. Will start stitching on this piece and see where it goes. Just braided the bottom until I decide if I want to remove that section. This piece woven on the open frame has a softness and puffiness that the flat weaves don't seem to have. Click on photo for a closer view.

woven in an open frame


Els said...

Hi Deanna, you just beat me at Joe's ;-)
Love your weavings, but also liked it upside down before you made the braids

Notjustnat said...

Very clever way of displaying the piece. Must remember this trick.


jude said...

i love the braided bottom

Storycloth said...

Hi Deanna - the video is great I had no idea that so much could be done with linen. I really appreciated watching this, thankyou. Gilly

Jacky said...

Your onion skin dyeing looks beautiful in this woven cloth. Love your braided bottom!
I am still in catch up mode...reading the blog, visiting blogs, getting inspired. Time for a little action now (I'm not too bad...did make a few hearts today!).

Jacky xox

karen said...

great edge Deanna. I love linen too but it's a nightmare to keep unwrinkled!!

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