Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spinning Mill Tour

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day after all the freezing temperatures we've had the past couple of weeks. I went, with members of the Austin Lace Guild, to a spinning mill (Sustainable Fibers) in Elgin, TX. It's about 25 miles out of Austin. We were given a 2 hour tour of the mill by 2 very knowledgeable people. Customers bring in all types of fleece from sheered animals to be processed. They also have a small shop with lots of delicious goodies and I, of course, came home with some of them. I've only posted some of the pictures I took but there is lots more information about the machines involved in processing at this link

skirting the fiber--removing vegetative matter

washing the fiber without agitation

the Picker opens up fiber for further processing; this is alpaca being processed; an alpaca produces about 3 lbs of fleece per year.

sharp teeth on the drum of the Picker

the empty closet that collects the throws from the Picker

the closet after the Picker has done its thing

the Carder opens and organizes the fibers

the Spinner adds twist to the prepared fibers

the spools on the Spinner collecting the twisted thread

the shop

my purchases
Click on the pictures for a closer view.


Storycloth said...

Bet you loved very second of this tour - reminds me a lot of the linen movie. Great to take home some purchases to both use and remember by. A fab group outing. Gilly

kaite said...

an enjoyable and informative day, thanks for sharing it with us. k.

Jacky said...

What beautiful fibres, some almost look like Jude's magic thread...will you crochet with these, or stitch?

Very interesting the tour of the mill. Thanks for all of the photos.

Jacky xox

Sweetpea said...

Nice batch of goodies ;>]
and thank you for the tour!

karen said...

the area I live in was renowned for its mills many years ande I actually worked in one when I was younger. I was a ''savio twister'', my job was to tend the machine which twisted the yarn before the next stage of it becoming knitting wool.

liniecat said...

Thats a trip worth doing, bet it was very interesting to see the process. Nice buys too!

deb g said...

I'm so glad you posted all these photos!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Day! you all must have
so enjoyed yourselves. do these
folks have a shop on line?
just curious..... hee-hee.........

deanna7trees said...

glad you're all enjoying these photos.
cristina, there is no shop online. their main purpose is the mill. i did give the link in the first paragraph, but there is just an explanation of the machines and how they charge for processing.

Notjustnat said...

This post missed me by. Oh Deanna, what a great tour of the spinner. What an experience to have - thanks for sharing the photos - Hugs Nat

Anita Mester said...

Great looking purchase. Be sure to bring your goodies to Bee. Anita

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