Monday, November 29, 2010

Weaving becomes a pin cushion...

My goal for 2011 is to finish more of the projects I start as well as the works that are already in progress. I'm starting early and I actually finished something I started just a few days ago. I had fun with the old weave-it loom I found in my closet. It is in the previous post if you missed it. I didn't have the instructions at the time so I just did my own thing, first with a linen thread and then with silk ribbon. I later found the instructions and the website is on my sidebar if you need them. Maybe you have this old loom as well. Anyway, the weaving has now become part of a large pincushion. I like that it is square so that I can easily separate different kinds of pins and needles. It measures 5" x 5" x 1¼".  Click on the images for a closer view.

woven with linen thread and silk ribbon
stitched onto upholstery fabric with piped edges

all around view


jude said...

i love your little woven square

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

In a word... gorgeous, just plain gorgeous. I've been seeing a lot of really cool pincushions around blog-land lately. I've got to make one for myself one of these days, or else buy one handmade on etsy. This one is lovely in it's soothing greens and creams!

;~) Debi

kaite said...

a lovely quiet weave...k.

Sharon said...

UFOs...unfinished have a few...ahem...quite a few...myself. Like you I am feeling a need to finish them off. And move on to something bigger? Hmmmmm

You weaving is admired by me.

Jacky said...

A story pincushion...

I *must* finish more of my projects too. I just get so inspired that I want to do everything, try everything's a time thing isnt it?

Well done on finished this lovely little pin cushion.

Jacky xox

Notjustnat said...

I always like pincushions. It's so cute. The piece of weaving set it off nicely - Hugs Nat

karen said...

Love it!! the colours are gorgeous..

deb g said...

Oh those unfinished projects! A very elegant project.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

well, once again, i need to fall to
my knees in admiration of your
accomplishment! so, from my knees,
i want to go back and say something
about you in the old pics and
bibs. What great photos and esp
the one with all that textured
background!!! i don't have any
pics of that time of my life except
for my passport photo for the
PeaceCorps in India. bummer.
but love yours.
i think that no matter how many
pincushions i would have, i would
still just lose the threaded
needles...and that's another thing
i am finding works with the bibs,
the "breast" pocket is a good
Big Heart to you, deanna.....

Tammie Lee said...

It is wonderful and I love your colors and fibers. I also love the feeling of completing projects, especially if I am happy with the outcome.

Sara said...

Thank you so much for your comment in my blog :) , I AM proud of my very first crocheting, I admit it :)

Have a nice day!


Emmy said...

so very lovely

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