Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been busy...

I've been busy the past few days with more natural dyeing and experimenting with some new things.
Click on the photos for a closer view.

a paper star made from newspaper
tutorial from here

cotton/linen and scrim dyed with onion skins

silk on left and cotton on right / chinese tallow leaves and onion skins

more silk with chinese tallow leaves and onion skins

playing with stripes and dropped in dye bath

another cover with vintage quilt block
the ribbon is orange and white check as it appears in the reflection

weaving with linen thread and silk ribbon
just realized that this loom is for bias weaving.
lots of good info on old looms here.

this if for those who posted pictures in overalls
these are me in the 1970s in San Antonio, TX


kaite said...

thumbs up for the overalls, they are just such wearable hugs...k.

Notjustnat said...

Hey Deanna, I love the photos of you in the overalls. How cute. I wore them when I was pregnant. The dyed turned out very well. Thanks for the paper tut. link. I will show them to my group next week. Great for Christmas gift tags - Enjoy your weekend - Hugs Nat

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Boy, you HAVE been busy. Lovely dying that I wish I could see close-ups of! AND the pictures in over-alls! Why such teeny tiny pictures?! I want to see close-ups! I love the 70's. Your weaving looks really interesting. I was thinking of trying a little weaving around stretcher bars. I have absolutely NO CLUE how to do it, but thought I'd bumble along and see what happened. I have some wonderful silk ribbons and some really cool silk yarn (?) made out of sari's. I thought a little weaving might be fun to add to some cloths I'll be stitching later this winter.

;~) Debi

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

OH! Forgot to say thank you for the link to the star tutorial! I'm going to make a few.

;~) Debi

Emmy said...

thank you for the link I love the pictures
warm regards Emmy

jude said...

love the stripe play, i have one of those little looms.

and the overalls! ha!

Phyllis said...

I love the dyeing you have done here. Really rich colors. I also love the paper star and would love to try one even though it seems a bit complicated.

What a fun photo of you in the overalls. You have been busy with some neat projects.

karen said...

you have achieved some gorgeous colours with your dying Deanna, lovely, warming colours.

Martine said...

Overall........its from a distance but you look good in it.

Yvonne said...

Your busy fingers have been creating all kinds of things! Nice colours on the onion dyeing and I like how you've combined those stripes!

Penny Berens said...

Great idea popping the stripes in the dye pot. What bright colours you are getting.

T said...

lovely dye colours deanna, you sure have been busy, love that weaving. and those overalls.


Lisa said...

all so lovely, thank you for sharing it. I just posted a link to this page on FaceBook. I love the newspaper star!

It is here that I posted it:

Warm regards, Lisa

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