Monday, November 22, 2010

Bobbin Lace class with Hilary Davies

The Austin Lace Guild arranged a class with Hilary Davies from the UK. She does beautiful Bedfordshire lace and was a delight to spend time with in class. There were 10 of us in class for the 2 days. I learned a lot even though I didn't do very well on the pattern we worked on. The 'light bulb' has not yet been turned on for me with bobbin lace but I am persevering and hope to get better with time. It was nice to get to know some of the lacers I had not met from the guild. Here are some pictures of all of us working hard. Click on image for a closer view.

that's me with Karen, Karisse and Pat in the background

Karisse with her beautiful lamp

Karen, my Austin lace teacher and Pres. of the guild

Joy having a good time

Karisse's wood block to hold down her bobbins

Susan Merritt's beautiful work. She came in from Aquilla, Tx to attend this class.

Hilary Davies instructing Pat.

Hilary's beautiful lace


karen said...

when will we see the wonderful lace you must have made???

Storycloth said...

Hi Deanna - my daughter went to lace making classes for awhile - these photos remind me. I read your comment over home and am wondering if you are able photograph the quilt design you are referring to - it sounds so lovely. I really like the new photo too! Gilly

Notjustnat said...

These laces are beautiful. Glad you had a lovely time in the workshop. I like your new profile photo too and those wired crocheted baskets on the sidebar look interesting. Did you make them? Hugs Nat

deb g said...

So lovely...

Patty said...

oh, what lovely tools those lace bobbins are!

Sharon said...

Your sense of curiosity and love of learning are inspirational. Please continue to share your needle adventures. I enjoy following along.

Jacky said...

Oh my intricate and beautiful. I can tell you have a lot of patience.

I just love those bobbins!!!

Jacky xox

Working with cloth said...

OH Deanna these lace are so wonderful, for two years ago I took some classes in lace making, I liked it very much, will you show some lace you have made ?

jude said...

this looks like very "slow" cloth.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

deanna, you forgot to mention the
person in the way way back,
Big John. the old cowboy i keep
track of has this same larger than
life John Wayne AND same kind of
Marilyn Monroe. I move them around
his house when i clean for him.
at first it was disconcerting, but
now, not so much.

deanna7trees said...

thank you all for your comments. I am not very good at lacemaking yet. I am just a beginner. there are pieces I have made throughout my blog but nothing as intricate as Hilary Davies' pieces. I'm actually more interested in starting to work with yarn, cord, wire and fabric strips with the bobbins but right now I'm just trying to learn the technique. It is not an easy craft to learn.

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