Saturday, October 2, 2010

Double Weavings

Jude taught us double weavings this week. You weave with strips that have another strip behind it (face up). After you finish weaving, you start cutting out sections revealing the bottom layers to form a design. Lots of fun but also tricky sometimes. I did the first one without a plan. For my second try, I drew a pattern before I cut. Here are some photos. Hope these inspire you to try it. Click on photos for a closer view.

done without a plan; top layer is reverse of a rose patterned fabric

paper plan for double woven piece

cut outs before stitching

lots of stitching and halo appliques

close-up of stitching around cut outs and halo applique


kaite said...

hi deanna, so pleased you're enjoying the class. you always do your edge stitching so beautifully, i'd be able to pick your work in a group show. k.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i think this is new to this class
and if it's not, then i was
lost in space for it...????
well...i am thinking, just as well
because it seems more complicated
than i could do....
going back to look at it. i actually like the first one very much!
and yes...the dogs. you don't live
with them. and their hair.

jude said...

you are the adventuress... it is so much fun watching you play in class.
and grace, yes, you were lost in space...

Notjustnat said...

I love the unplanned piece. It look like a flower bed. Very pretty! Glad you enjoying it. I hope to be in Jude's advance cloth to cloth coming in Dec. Looking forward to some more fun - Have a lovely weekend - Hugs Nat

Jacky said...

You have really taken this double weaving to another level...this is fantastic (love the chooks and the eggs).
Cant wait for the next advanced class and join in again. It will be quite warm here in Australia by then, but I'm sure I wont mind playing with my fabrics and threads.

Thanks for sharing all of these photos. I love seeing what you are all up to in this second class of Judes.

Jacky xox

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