Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Tatting Designs

I've been taking a class in tatting design with Sharon Briggs and have been doing lots of experimenting.  I'm not an experienced tatter so I'm finding this a bit challenging but am having lots of fun.  Part of one of the designs I created looked like a king's crown (to me) so I challenged myself to create the crown and draw out the pattern on the free software presented to us by Sharon.  The software is Serif's Draw Plus SE and is a free download. Here are some photos.

free-form heart

King's Crown

If you are a tatter and haven't tried designing your own pattern, try it.  You may be surprised at what
you come up with.


geraldine said...

have tried and tatted my own pattern's only thing is i can't write it down well or draw the pattern. i don't have a program yet to help with this must get one for the future.but i know what you mean it is full filling when you have done a good pattern.

karen said...

oh this is lovely Deanna, I haven't a clue how to even start tatting and it looks so addictive that perhaps I shouldn't try! That's a good idea about embroidering over those lines, thing is I am so wierd that in my head that piece is spoiled so I probably won't be able to ever get motivated to do anything to it.

Val said...

i like the crown motif! it's very creative, and i haven't seen anyone with it.

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