Saturday, July 30, 2011

thinking about rain...

I'm no longer remembering what rain sounds like, feels like... The tropical storm that was going to somewhat save us this weekend fizzled out and we got nothing. I put out more pans of water this morning for all the little creatures after I saw a bird feasting on the water from the a/c drain in the backyard.

I've been searching for an inexpensive hassock, ever since I saw this and I found one at Hobby Lobby yesterday that was on sale.  Another project to work on but usable as is until then.

I started a bobbin lace project, with beads, a couple of months ago and it's finally finished. I was not happy with the color and size of the beads I chose, after starting, but decided to finish it anyway just for the experience of working with beads. I made a purple velvet purse and decided to use the lace piece as a decoration for the flap. The flap is trimmed with a green rope and I will make a twisted strap with the same rope. It's kind of dramatic looking but not at all something I would use. I was encouraged to enter it in an exhibit that will be at the Austin airport from August 17th through September 7th. The Austin Lace Guild will be exhibiting their bobbin lace pieces. I've also submitted three lace trimmed pouches that I made and some fancy bobbins I purchased last year. I hope to have some pictures of the exhibit when it is on display.

a much deeper purple in person. it measures 8½ x 7½. not yet completed.

July 31, 2011 --- UPDATE ON THE PURSE: it is lined with brocade fabric, the strap has been added and it is now complete.


Els said...

Ha Deanna you have been working very hard on your bobbin lace piece, lovely!

Notjustnat said...

Rain rain please come back again today!!! I'm praying for you to have rain. In the means time your bobbin lace piece is gorgeous! Love the color combinations, great job - Hugs

liniecat said...

Gosh so little rain in so many places, the weather is a worry with out doubt. And then it seems to go into excess in other places at times, as if reminding us that we are a small faction of an amazingly fragile entity.
Still crossing my fingers for you all over there..........

Martine said...

colorful beauty Deanna.........want me to send some rain?

Marie said...

What a lovely pouch! The detail of the lace is exquisite!
The purple velvety cloth is the perfect choice for fabric.
I think it could be a "magic" pouch , filled with what ever delightful magical things...i.e. sewing items, cards, etc.
I look forward to seeing what you do with the hassock.

Deb G said...

It's raining again right now. As long as we don't have floods, I will never complain...

I think your velvet purse is a good example of just continuing and what we can learn from that.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

by William Cullen Bryant

A power is on the earth and in the air,
From which the vital spirit shrinks afraid,
And shelters him in nooks of deepest shade,
From the hot steam and from the fiery glare.
Look forth upon the earth—her thousand plants
Are smitten; even the dark sun-loving maize
Faints in the field beneath the torrid blaze;
The herd beside the shaded fountain pants;
For life is driven from all the landscape brown;
The bird hath sought his tree, the snake his den,
The trout floats dead in the hot stream, and men
Drop by the sunstroke in the populous town:
As if the Day of Fire had dawned, and sent
Its deadly breath into the firmament"

Oh, the drought persists in some places, while others drown in floods, and we are so at the mercy of it all.

Meanwhile, your beautiful handiwork persists. I look forward to more pictures when you manage them.

Blessings to you and all from
Michelle slowly returning from retreat to plant Shasta daisies at the garden I maintain, and take a walk to the river where I will worship water in the name of all who need it.

cindy said...

wish i could send you some puddles.
your lace is so complicated...lace making boggles my mind. i've always loved watching people do it, especially loving the bobbins- wanting to play with them more than actually making the lace. it must take such concentration.

deanna7trees said...

thank you all so much for your kind comments. please keep rain in your thoughts for Texas.
cindy--it has taken me about 2 years to finally understand this craft of bobbin lace. it does take concentration until you become experienced. i do love 'throwing' those bobbins and the whole process is very meditative for me. i love working with the colorful threads. most of my lace classmates work only in white and beige as they did long ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see what you do with your hassock, I have a rectangular one in a similar colour, and have been undecided for a long time about how to re-cover it. I love those Indian patchwork ones and have often quietly coveted them in the shops, but very expensive. Now that you've inspired me.....

karen said...

although the purse would not be something you personally would use it is definitely a brilliant example of your skill. I can't wait to see what you do with your pouffe....I think I may take some time out soon to make a few things for my is sadly lacking in my creative makes.

woman with wings said...

Oh my lordy, that purse is a piece of art that is most worthy of being in an exhibit. Congratulations on this lovely piece, Deanna! After the show, you'll have to use it. You just have to!
I felt so bad when I saw that the rain missed your area. I keep an eye on your weather now that you've written about it. Keeping my fingers crossed for rain for you.

Susan T said...

The purse turned out beautifully! The color looks so much more intense in real life - the camera doesn't do it justice. You did a great job on it!

gaile said...

hi deanna, i live in oklahoma and i understand about the non-existent rain, the heat is unbearable. the sad thing is they are reporting this heat might stay with us for another 50 days. i just keep praying for rain and some cool breezes. until then i stay inside my dark house and stitch, just trying to keep the heat out as much as possible.

realm of inspiration said...

elegant........ plush with beauty and love.
yes of course i clicked, double clicked
for a close up of the purse and bobbin
lace. a piece of art, deanna as i so agree
wtih Woman with Wings!!!!1

about rain: i watch gma each morning hoping they
will announce that your area is getting rain and the
temp is dropping.... i will continue those thoughts.
yesterday, i took my mom to the doctor. as i got back into the car, i asked her to wait a minute before hopping in because the temp inside the car was
111.....! whoa!
be safe.

Tammy said...

Oh my ... this is just beyond stunning .. and fabulously gorgeous this is!!!! You are so amazingly talented with all of the beautiful things that you make. I would carry this purse every day if i could .. lol .. it's so nice!!!

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