Sunday, June 19, 2011

Playing with the Wyr-Knittr

I played a bit more with the Wyr-Knittr. Completed a little basket that was a bit floppy so I did a button 9-patch on the bottom and added a bead on the inside for weight. It's a perfect size for catching left over threads. The truth is that I wasn't having fun stitching it together or it would have been much larger. It has a crocheted edge to pull it all together.

I've been stitching on the piece that came together last week from leftover scraps. I put some white cord through the Wyr-Knittr and made a couple of small tree trunks that I stitched onto the discharged trees and then embroidered on some leaves. And on the right hand side, a being is developing. Not real sure yet what he will look like. He might be a star maker by trade.

Opened up 3 eco dyed bundles. The bottom cloth is silk with purple oxalis. Not much of the purple remained. It kind of looks like 2 flowers behind a fence. The top 2 cloths are cotton that were wrapped with eucalyptus leaves. I think I will be sticking with silk from now on unless I'm using onion skins. All the leaves and flowers seem to make stronger imprints on silk.


Anonymous said...

that little thread catcher bowl is just about as sweet as it can be!
And buttons on the bottom (nine patch to boot)
there is no end to your journey of creativity!
drove up to Santa Fe this afternoon. of course we saw
the huge plume of smoke from our latest fire.
We had/ 9 fires going here in NM. what is going on?
I wonder if anyone has rain for sale on esty ?
i'm gonna have a look :* /

Notjustnat said...

Cute little thread catcher! I do lovely your eco dyed fabric. You've got India Flint's looks on the fabric. Silk will give you more imprints definitely - Hugs Nat

kaiteM said...

Love your little basket, but yes i agree, it's the stitching together that can get a teeny bit boring. You've done well.
And silk is definately the way to go with the a la naturale dyeing, but even it will fade and/or change colour.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i haven't done anything yet with
the Eucalyptus leaves. i don't know what i'm waiting for...something...
and i am still happy with what happens with the muslin and other cottons. i've begun wondering if its the water here? it comes from 3 wells up on that old mountain rim to the west...there are things in it that shouldn't be probably and maybe that's what works???
we have a community water co-op.
they test it a lot, it won't kill us they say. i buy water to drink
straight, but cook with tap water.
but, i'm really thinking there's something to this water factor.
your little basket is a little love basket. beautiful color

liniecat said...

Natty little basket that and love the trees! Nice dye result with the fence in there too. Great stuff!

karen said...

the silk piece does look more defined yet the others have extremely interesting surfaces, very usable I would say.

woman with wings said...

Deanna, I love the purple oxalis piece, you couldn't have planned it better! Starmaker-by-trade, that's so great!

jude said...

funny, i just came across the spool with the nails in the top, you know whatcha-callit, the knitty thing.

nice patterning on that top cloth.

Cozy Knitting said...

If you use wool with the icord maker, you could easily felt it by throwing it into washing machine. That would certainly stiffen it and retain its shape. Of course, it will shrink some. Just another idea to throw into the pot.

deanna7trees said...

that's a great idea, Cozy Knitting. I will try that.

ACey said...

really love the discharge results you've gotten. And that beautiful little thread catcher. great color range and am going to try that idea of a button nine patch 'platform'!

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