Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Vintage Quilts

My bobbin lace teacher shared 2 quilts with us that she unearthed while cleaning out her dad's home. She found a total of 8 but these 2 were the oldest. One is a Civil War quilt, 1860s, I believe and the other is a WW II quilt. The Civil War Quilt has a note stitched on it by the quilter and there are initials in the center of the quilt---maybe of the person who received it as a gift. I love the WWII quilt with all the woolen patches. Here are some pictures. Click on the picture for a close-up view.
Initials embroidered in center of Civil War Quilt

Civil War Quilt around 1865
label stitched on by quilter


patches stitched on top layer

back of quilt appears to be linen--batting coming through where linen has worn away
more back views

Karen showing her WWII quilt

woolen patches

back of WWII quilt---feedsack


Sweetpea said...

Deanna, these are so wonderful, thank you for posting them...and extra thanks for those back views :>]]

karen said...

oh my, they are just too beautiful for words....

Lis said...

Thank you for the photos of those wonderful quilts, the things they must have seen? What is going to happen to them, they look very fragile.

deanna7trees said...

hi Lis. she's not sure what she will do them but they will be preserved and taken care of.

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