Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Experimenting With Sheer Fabric

Hand stitched sheer fabric / single and double layered sections
Step 1: overlay fabrics

Step 2: baste down with invisifil thread

Step 3: fold over to cover raw edges and do a running stitch with 2 strands embroidery floss

This is the top layer of an experiment with sheer fabrics. Have some ideas about how I will finish it but need to do some more experimenting. The piece is approximately 18" x 20". I have included the steps showing how the seams were stitched. It looks exactly the same on the front and the back.
If you are interested in experimenting with sheers or Korean Patchwork, known as pojagi, Lily Kerns has set up a yahoo group so all interested can share ideas. If you would like to join, just click on this link: .

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