Saturday, August 31, 2013

some unusual lace...

i found this lace on ebay and had to have it. it was referred to as 'turtle lace'. i guess because it looks like a turtle...i wasn't sure. i first just acquired a few pieces and was curious to know if it was hand made or machine made so i started taking one turtle apart. it is about 3/8" wide.

click on the images for close ups.

looks like a warp of fine thread and a form of needle lace and picots done with a thicker thread
i still wasn't sure but was leading toward machine made. and then i found some more on ebay with a label. it was made by the Bear Brand company in Germany so obviously machine made. i did acquire 5 more yards and have already found a couple of places where i will use it.

the 5 yards were wrapped within this very old, worn out band. i washed it all in oxy-clean and it came out beautiful.

still playing with cloth in many different ways, all inspired by Karen Ruane and my fellow classmates.
i tried some lattice smocking this week. it's very fiddly and at first tedious but once i really understood what i was doing, i got a bit obsessed. will have to go back to this and play a bit more.

not yet perfect but i'm getting there

also did some stitching on printed paper as demonstrated by Karen.

printed one of my cloth images on cardstock, added a bit of lace and did some free motion stitching

here, i printed the crochet nest dolls image (from last post) on heavy printer paper with some white lace on the right edge.

the knitting and crochet patterns i've  been printing out, when i see something that inspires me, have been piling up...will i ever get to them...i wonder.

103 degree yesterday and 104 today and no rain yet. the lake levels continue to decrease....but, Autumn is on its way so there's hope.

wishing all my Jewish friends a Happy New Year. wishing you health and happiness and lots of miracles for the new year.


liniecat said...

love that turtle lace!
I recall in the 60s/70s velvet cushions with that kind of fabric manipulation being very 'in'. I looked at the pattern and it looked complicated but well worth sticking at by the looks of your samples there! A smashing result!

blandina said...

Brava for the pieces you made, I am following Karen's class but it seems that I can not find the time to make any myself. I love how you used the lattice smoking, it is really inspiring for me.
And the turtle lace is a delight!

Jane Galley said...

I love the smocking, you've achieved a lovely effect and the combination of card and lace, lovely. I'm really missing these classes

Anneliese said...

I love your print-outs, Deanne. Is it really paper what you are showing? They look beautiful? I could imagine them on display on a wall. I browsed a little your blog - I like everything. Just the kind of work I love.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I love the smocking you did and I liked those pillows that "liniecat" is referring to in her comment.
Good for you for learning a new technique...think of all the new brain cells you added!!!
Hope it cools off soon, I am ready for crisp fall days.

Rachel said...

The turtle lace looks like fun - as indeed do all your investigations and experiments!

handstories said...

that smocking is fascinating, I don't remember seeing anything like that before.
I hope the new year, new season brings you weather relief soon!

Nat Palaskas said...

Those turtle lace were great find Deanna. You have good eye for laces. I remember the lattice smacking. I used to see them made into cushion covers. Good job - Hugs Nat

neki desu said...

shanah tova!

the combination of paper, lace stitches and printing is alluring.

karen said...

I like to think that the lace found you as it appeared at the perfect time for fitting into your work. Your smocked pieces are gorgeous, intriguing surfaces with so much potential.....and I would love to wish you a very happy New Year....

Anita said...

Lovely smocked piece..My mother had smocked pillows and I love watching her fabric manipulation job.She combines regular pleats,frills and smocking to get a gorgeous result..turtle lace looks gorgeous.

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