Sunday, October 21, 2012

more korak and a variety of lace

i was so taken with the Korak Patchwork technique that i did a small piece in pink and white cotton. it will probably wind up being another small pouch. click on the images for close-ups.

Korak in pink and white cotton and lace
i'm learning how to knit a lace shawl through quite a different feel than the knitting i've done in the past and doesn't look like much yet but it will hopefully be a beautiful shawl when blocked and finished (that's what the teacher tells us).

a lace weight yarn on a circular needle...adding stitches as it grows
i've also been experimenting with free motion quilting on a purchased linen weave shawl using the techniques learned in Karen Ruane's classes.

free motion quilting on a linen weave shawl with added lace and embroidery
and lastly...i just couldn't resist 2 new books.

over 100 beautiful motifs to play with

this was one of my favorite motifs
beautiful filet lace done with a netted cloth and needle and thread

love this particular pattern
you can read more about these books on, if you're interested. here are the links:
the crochet book is quite reasonably priced but lace books are always a bit pricey.
wishing you all a pleasant, productive week.


liniecat said...

Love that crochet design too! Your certainly not going to get bored any time soon lol The Korak is so pretty Deanna.......just lovely!

Rachel said...

You have so much fun to come in following these books!

Peggy said...

I, too, love that shape you've crocheted. Am going to check out that book. And the lace knitting, that's going to be something, I'm sure of it! I'm so glad you share your many fiber finds, Deanna. xx

Els said...

I love how you put this korak method to your own hand !
What a lovely colour that lace yarn ... and you will end up with a few hundred stitches before you're done :-)
New books ? always inspiring !
It's so great to see your "Ruane-inspired" work: you're a good student (ha, everywhere !!!)

Sweetpea said... of my personal faves, and wow, you're going places with it, deanna. I adore the delicacy of lace knitting and have found that it's very difficult to gauge it's true beauty until the very end when the piece is blocked ~ blocking changes everything.

I'm looking forward to your results on the linen weave shawl. The process is so intriguing.

Ms. said...

Zowie that free motion one is stunning! The neutrality of color just makes the intricacy of the patterns pop.

kaiteM said...

Your Korak patchwork is really something different and looks beautiful in cotton. I can see very many possibilities with it.
The lace knitting is looking good, you will learn to love it, i just know that.
I was thinking of buying that crochet book too, let me know what you think of it. Love that piece you highlighted. cheers

Jacky said...

Love your free motion quilting on your linen looks so beautiful!
And I do love that little crocheted motif. Very quirky.
You're a busy person.

Jacky xox

Jeannie said...

The korak is wonderful and that crochet motif is fantastic! I love the shawl that you are knitting, gorgeous color. I am hoping to try that this winter, but I need to find a large circular needle. You and Karen amaze me with all that you do and how beautiful it all is. Wishing you a fun week with needles of all sorts.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

one quick check before going to mom's tonight and what treasures you have shared...with acorns!!! so lovely the whole/hole lot. i love the wrapped lovely. i'll be back to look more tonight - later. gosh, you amaze me with all that you do... magician with needles and thread. you know the goddess of old would have condemned you to spin or weave for eternity - but i think you might just be able to manage that kind of immorality...cont'd from my list of mythology over at karen - i'll have to add you to the list...cheers - happy hands.

blandina said...

I come to your blog not only to have a peek at what you are working at, but also to get inspiration and encouragement since lateley my creativity has been somewhat blocked.
I love the shawl, it will keep you warm in the coming winter.

neki desu said...

the free motion one is a winner!

jude said...

grandma taught me filet lace. i like it because of the grid.

Mo Crow said...

oh these are all so beautiful Deanna!

Nancy said...

What a treat for the eyes your place is!!! The Korak in those light & delicate fabrics/colors is great. And those fat little acorns will surely lend their color to...something! I have mostly the oblong acorns, which don't dye as well :) Oh well, a hike usually solves that, the little fat ones are in the hills.

karen said...

oh Deanna, your ''scarf'' shawl is so beautiful......I adore it.

Nat Palaskas said...

The free motion quilting is gorgeous Deanna. When I think of lace I always think of you, a lacy lady. Love the book of connecting motifs - hugs Nat

handstories said...

look at you go! your shawl is beautiful! are you using handspun?

Terrie said...

The more I read your posts the more I want to try. So delicated works!

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